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Chipika Simanwe

Country: Zambia

Style: Impressionist, Realism

Medium: Oil, mixed Media on Canvas

Fun Fact:  Chipika ‘s work has developed steadily over the years allowing a passage of an initiate into the fold of mainstream art. His earlier experiments have paid off with further exploration in his new body of work he refers ‘Red Handed’ , its clear that he has been researching to take his style further than the previous collections, this time has come more with lively colourful images in two fold, semi realistic expressions and abstract manifestations



1. Nyau Symphony

2. Chimbayambaya 2 (Wreck)

3.Very Wrecked

4. Entertainers of Mize

5. Kuomboka Fever

6. I Used to own a  bus

7. Solitude at Altitude

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